K-Town Shakedown Facility Rental

Facility Rental Information

  • $75 for 4 hour period. $25 for each additional hour. $100 deposit.
  • 1900 square feet dance floor.
  • Available sound system.
  • Daycare room available.
  • 2 handicap accessible bathrooms with showers.

Contact us at at 308-830-1690 or email to get your date reserved.

How do I rent K-Town Shakedown's Facility?

To rent the facilities and be reserved on our calendar, you must submit a complete Facility Rental Agreement (PDF), along with rental fee and $100 deposit. The fee and $100 deposit is due at the time the facility use form is completed.

When will I get my deposit back?

Deposits will be returned after we complete a post-rental facility inspection. Deposits will be returned by mail as long as no damage is found or cleaning services are needed.

But don't you teach fitness classes there?

Yes. Facility rental may be refused at owners discretion or if rental times conflict with normal operations of K-Town Shakedown Fitness Studio. Please verify availability of requested time before submitting a rental agreement.

What if I need to cancel?

You may cancel your reservation by calling us at 308-830-1690 or email 30 days in advance with a canelation fee of $30. There are no refunds issued if cancellation is less than 30 days before the event.

Can I changed my reserved date to a different date?

Date changes are available 30 days prior to rental date with a $15 change fee. Changes may not be made if less than 30 days prior to the rental date.

Can we drink or smoke in the faciltiy?

No. Alchohol and tobacco products are not permitted in the facility.

Do you provide seating and tables?

No. You will need to make arrangements to provide your own seating and tables.